Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Different shapes using OpenGL

I also wrote code for drawing some 3D shapes in OpenGL. I didn't know about lighting then so didn't give normal attribute to the vertices of these shapes. I rendered them in wire frame else they won't be visible.
I wrote code for cylinder, sphere, ellipse, cube, cuboid, paraboloid, cone, cylinder, pyramid, etc. shapes.
This is a picture of Helix I rendered. Writing code for it was a little difficult than others.
Thanx to KP(Kunal Patel) for helping me out in drawing many of these shapes.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first game-Tic Tac Toe

The first thing is always special and so is this game to me.
I developed the game using basic C++ coding in 2 hours and later gave it a graphical interface using OpenGL
The game is a two player game and  has capability of mouse as well as keyboard inputs.

I will be including artificial intelligence to this game so the player can actually play with the computer.

Getting started with OpenGL

In the beginning of 3rd semester, I started learning OpenGL. In the very beginning, I found it interesting and powerful. These are the first few pictures I created using OpenGL and glut in the starting time. They are no big deal and anyone can make them in his first day of learning OpenGL but they are special for me :)